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Cutting Oil

Cutting oils are the special type of coolants as well as lubricants made specifically for the process of metalworking, machining and stamping. They are included with mineral oil as well as fatty oil.

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oils we offer are the non-compressible liquids that are used to convey power within hydraulic equipment and machines. They can be synthetic or mineral-based formulations. They have clear formulation and allow for good use.

Punching Oil

Punching oils we offer are the additives of stable thermal properties. These are needed for lubricating the film and boast of an advanced pressure resistance. The oils are suited for an ideal material flow.

Cutting And Grinding Oil

The Cutting And Grinding Oils are demanded for through-tool as well as external applications. Moreover, they have been designed for high cutting performance, high cleanliness and efficient machining. These provide lubrication and ensure the removal of chips from the area of cutting.

Industrial Oil

The Industrial Oils are demanded in the sectors of metalworking, light and others. These are primarily suited for the lubrication of bearings in hydraulic systems as well as low-power electric motors. These can also work well in the metalworking machines.

Rust Preventive Oil

Rust preventive oils we offer are utilized to protect the components that need to be protected from water containing machines as well as grinding coolants. The oil is suited for the protection of several metal parts and components.